5 Reasons to Grab Your BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Today

What would you rather do: hang out with the character with a smoking coffee pot or attempt to take notes for hours and hours in a conference room? Exactly.

That’s why I’m so glad BlogWorld is offering a virtual ticket option this year. BlogWorld and New Media Expo is November 3-5 in Los Angeles.

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I wish every conference was so smart.  Click here to get BlogWorldExpo Virtual Ticket Details.

Get in on BlogWorldExpo!

5 Reasons to Grab Your BlogWorld Virtual Ticket Today

1. Real. Time. Savings. $247 today. $347 on October 22 – extended deadline

Can you imagine saving $2453 [rough estimate of travel, registration, shiny shoes and sweet tech toys to take with] by investing $247 in a virtual ticket? Or investing an additional $247, or about 10%, to the original amount to GUARANTEE that you’ll get all EVERYTHING on video.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you got it all?

2. Completely Revamped Program

Offering exclusive interviews (interviews live attendees don’t even get), behind-the-scenes action and access, live streaming sessions during the conference, social media interaction, and more. Ticket include a video of the presentation with audio, background information on all the speakers with all the relevant links, and bonus materials from speakers just for Virtual Ticket holders. BlogWorldExpo Virtual Ticket Details

3. Cool Show Host

Prominent blogger Johnny B. Truant will host and affair.

4. Just like DVR, but better.

Follow along on November 3-5 or space out the sessions. I like this approach. Listen, take notes and take action -immediately.

5. Skip drinks, planes, hotels and limos.

Rock out in your own house or wherever you hangout screenside.

Still need an “I’m there” ticket? Save 20% on your BlogWorldExpo LA 2011 pass with the code “WIREDPR20”!

How do you make the most of the conferences you attend?

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