Event Marketing-PR: 10 Keys to Selling Out in Less than 24 hours

When Problogger gave the assignment list to come up with a list post for the 31 days to a build a better blog project, the first topic that popped into my mind was: how to sell out an event in less than 24 hours.

Yesterday, we opened up 300 spots for Social Media Club Chicago’s Open Mic Night event. All 300 were gone in about 18 hours. So . . . what’s so cool about that? This is the fourth time we’ve sold out. On twitter, people were calling this, “The hottest event in town.”

With event registrations down all over the country, I’ve been researching what’s drawing people into rooms.

In a word: people.

There’s huge shift from wanting to learn to desiring to network. As one event planner told me, once people find their group, they just want to know when and where to meet and they’ll show up.

If you’re planning an event, be sure to allow – and promote! – time for networking. What would happen if you asked each speaker to build in a networking activity for every event?

Event Marketing: 10 Keys to Selling All Seats Fast

1. Date – send out a save the date notice before you open registration

2. Venue – recruit a sponsor to host the event in exchange for promotion

3. Speaker – engage real sparklers who have a ready-made fan base

4. List – build or borrow a list

5. Limit – start with a low capacity with plans to announce more openings

6. Free – need I say more? okay – get sponsors to underwrite the event

7. System – communicate across all multiple channels

8. Plug in – connect and route your invitation through all systems

9. Partner – pair up with another group or companion event

10. Wait – open up an overflow list and host a dual party for these folks, too


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