Social Media Marketing Profiles: Puritan, Moderate, Liberal, Aggressor

Polarity has it’s place. It grounds both ends. Such is the case with social media.

Where are you on the sliding social media marketing scale? Which seat would sit in on this fictitious social media panel? 

  Puritan Moderate Liberal Aggressor
Twitter DMs N-E-V-E-R Accepting Send them over Is there any other way?
Social Media is for Listening Conversing Getting things done Pushing sales messages
Best blog platform WordPress WordPress or Typepad Whatever works for you Whatever sells the most
Making money Not here Okay for me Why not? Is there any other way?
Being a friend I love you I like you Hey guys Why you talkin’ to me?
Known for personality information resource sales
Fish fresh water rainbow trout farm-raised salmon dolphin shark
Your Category

Who do you think makes the most money? And, is that important?

Looking for a social media panelist? Contact me to talk about speaking at your event.

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