10 Social Media Savvy Tips for Baby Boomers

While these tips were written specifically for those ages 44-63 to appear on Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing blog, there is something in here for everyone.

Toby asked each of her guests, Des Walsh, Carlos Hernandez and Barbara Rozgonyi [me!] to submit social media tips as a companion to our appearance on her BlogTalk Radio show, Diva Marketing Talks. Pick it up as a podcast or listen on your computer.

Social media tips for Baby Boomers

  1. Own your age by celebrating your accomplishments
  2. Promote your technology heritage
  3. Connect cross-generationally via alumni, networking and social groups
  4. Position yourself as a mentor for people starting out in your profession
  5. Talk about your collections, hobbies and interests
  6. Post flattering and current profile pictures that look like who you are today
  7. Be a leader people seek out for social media connections
  8. Start out with LinkedIn and develop your professional profile
  9. Go through your network and invite friends to connect online
  10. Recommend and refer others when you see someone looking for help
  11. What would you add?

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