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Today, there’s a new roundup of the 50 of the most powerful and influential women in social media. Kudos to Ron Hudson for coming up with the idea. Hat tip to @resourcefulmom for sending a link via twitter. The list came from twitter suggestions, which is one way to generate nominations based on popularity at a particular platform.


For fun, I decided to see how my rankings stacked up. I was surprised to see this blog ranks in the top 30 most influential women in social media, using the author’s Alexa ranking criteria. But, to me, this really isn’t accurate when you consider how many other powerful women in social media are also not on this list.

Generating this kind of list is a good way to get attention – for you and the people who make it. To further personalize and quantify the results, brand your list. Invite suggestions for additions, including from those who nominate themselves. And, if you think you should be on a list write your own post about where and how you fit in.

Your Turn

How do you decide who’s influential? How do you value Alexa rankings?

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