Twitter PR | 5 Ways to Measure Rank, Reach, Results

So, you’re on twitter. So am I.

Wondering how your twitter profile helps you from a PR [page rank, publicity platform, public relations, personal record, etc.] perspective?

Here are five ways to measure your twitter rank, reach and results. You can use these numbers in your social media profile or in news releases when you want to value your social media presence.

1 Twitter Grader

Outside of updating and connecting and following wherever the action takes you, one way to find out how you’re doing is to measure your performance with the twitter grader.  Click on this screen shot to see my twitter grade. Other report features include terms and suggested people to follow. The total number of twitter users seems low at 56,492 ; estimates on the number of total twitter users exceed 3 million. 


2 Twitter Page Rank

Steve Rubel suggests that page rank is the ultimate measure of online influence and offers this tool to check Google page rank.  In his post, he talks about checking page rank for twitter and friendfeed sites. @wiredprworks on ‘s page rank is now a 5, while is now a 4 [down from a 5 because I dropped ad words?] and is also a 5 – even though this URL is a domain redirect. So, my twitter id is out ranking my blog’s main address.

3 Google Results for Your Twitter ID

Google “twitterid”

Google twitter id

Set up a Google Alert for @yourtwitterid

4 Twitter Monitoring

Twitter Search search by keywords or name

TweetBeep customizable twitter alerts via email 

TwitScoop tells you what’s happening on twitter right now

5 Twinfluence = Twitter Influence


Here you can measure reach. For example, wiredprworks on reaches over 1.2 million people. Hat tip to @prsarahevans for mentioning twinfluence.

Your Turn

Why do you follow the people you do on twitter? How do see twitter evolving as a marketing-pr-seo tool in the next 3-6 months?

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