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Question: What is the most difficult AND most effective social marketing tactic?
a.) paying celebrities to tweet for you
b.) designing a kick [insert word choice here] Facebook landing page
c.) throwing an open bar event for 10,000 people with [insert talent choice]
d.) engaging bloggers in a long-term relationship

If you answered d, then you agree with MarketingSherpa’s Social Benchmarking Survey Methodology.

Brands that get blogger relations right know

you have to get to know the publisher behind the blog.

Thanks to Beth Rosen of 4 Keys Media, now you can.

Beth is producing BrandsBloggerRadio, a weekly 45 minute show on Wednesday nights at 9pm cst, leading to the upcoming July 16 Brands and Bloggers Summit in Chicago where I’ll be moderating this panel.

Midwest Moms Media Brands Bloggers Summit Session I: Building Blogger & Brand Relationships

Speakers: TBA
Let’s get it out in the open. What’s the best way to pitch a blogger? What’s the best way to pitch a brand? How, when, where? For once, we will all convene to ask, answer, and share our successful tips in building relationships and learn how to go from there.

Back to the show . . . on May 4, Beth interviewed . . .

Melisa Wells of

Barbara Rozgonyi of WiredPRWorks@wiredprworks

Latosha Johnson of

Being a guest on the show introduced me to Melisa and Latosha’s take on how they make time for blogging, motherhood and managing a business. Listening to them gave me a renewed appreciation for what it means to be a blogger.

In a few weeks I’ll enter my fifth year as a blogger. Much has changed since I dashed off my first post, which I promptly trashed and then rewrote. I regret stifling my first instinct and so often wish I was more open-guided.

Over time, bloggers attempt to craft and publish what their readers want. Brands want to reach those readers. That’s why moms who write for a regular audience are considered opinion leaders.

Yet, anyone who blogs well and consistently can eventually develop a leadership position. If you’re thinking of blogging, let Beth take you behind the screen to meet women who blog for all kinds of benefits – financial, creative, therapeutic and social.

Here’s our interview – thanks to Beth and MJ Tam , Midwest Moms Media #BBSummit conference organizer. Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which track sales and pay compensation.

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