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Problem: you have no iPod or a limited CD collection – you write better when you listen to music – you have a HUGE deadline – tomorrow and you need creative inspiration NOW

Solution: set up your own creative inspiration soundtrack when you register for free and dial your mood into Musicovery at

How I found it: I won’t go into details about how I have a free, in-house social media-Internet marketing research resource. Did I mention this one commandeers the college market? The intern surfed using an upcoming Cool Tool to be revealed that led them to Musicovery.

Because today is an intense client production day, I needed some music to get me through in ways that caffeine cannot. My first attempt was to watch/play a live REM DVD on my studio’s flat screen – didn’t work; too visually engaging. But, this does.

Here’s how . . .

Chosen as one of the Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites by PC Magazine, the site lets you dial in mood [like dark and energetic]/dance/me, select from 18 genres and decided on a decade – now that’s customization!

You can explore last songs played and wonder at a connectivity grid that shows how artists relate. One caution: keep your hands on the keyboard and your eyes away from the grid if you want to meet your deadline.

Browse the Cool Tool series.

How do fuel your creativity? Leave a comment and let us know . . .

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