Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Tips for Bloggers via #BAMC15


There’s something about a conference called BAM that makes you want to go there.

And, go there I did.

In addition to escaping Chicago’s cold weather, I was looking forward to reconnecting with the midlife bloggers I met at BlogHer13in Chicago where The Midlife Blogger roundtable session was the most tweeted about panel in the entire BlogHer conference.

About #BAMC15 Bloggers at Midlife Conference for Women Boomer Bloggers


BAM=Bloggers at Midlife, the first ever blogging conference focused on midlife women.

Congrats to the #BAMC15 hosts Beth Rosen, Sharon Greenthal, Anne Parris, and Teresa Kindred – on an amazing event!!

For more information about reaching midlife women bloggers, check out the conference media sponsors Grown and Flown, Jodi Okun, One2One Network, Midlife Boulevard and Boomfluent.

Disclosure: thanks to Stouffer’s for the snuggly swag [the cozy cover is floor length on my 6’4″ tall son!], to Collective Bias for the yummy vegan lunch, to Vibrant Nation for the cool shades just in time for spring, to Nissan for the power charger to keep me going, and to Cabot for the scrumptious cheese [confession: I brought back a few samples for my family -they were more excited to see Cabot cheese than me!].

Last weekend, we met up in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. In the course of a day of fast-paced, power packed sessions,I typed notes, took pics and made many wonderful, newfound friends.

I only wish my sister, Lori Rozgonyi, co-host of our podcast for midlife boomer women, “Wise Sister Secrets“, could have joined me, but now we have tons of new ideas – and guests! –  for our show. 🙂

It was so exciting to be at the author table with so many fabulous women – how cool to do my first book signing as the PR author in “Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.”

GOOD NEWS: There will be a #BAM16!!!! 


Question for You >>> What blogger/social media conferences are on your 2015-16 can’t miss list?


Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Tips for Bloggers from #BAM15

No matter how young you are, if you’re a blogger, a content marketer, or a social media manager, you’ll be interested in these takeaways.

My good friend and Superpower on Twitter, Lori Moreno / @LoriMoreno moderated a panel with these Power Blogger Social Media Speakers: Debbie Bookstaber @buzzmommy covered Facebook, Jodi Okun @JodiOkun talked about Twitter, and Wendy Walker Cushing @WendysHat went over Pinterest. 


Facebook: Focus to Grow Results

On Facebook, focus on goals. Is you goal to get sales, to prove credibility, to research new products, to build a community?

Debbie says Facebook is the place to show that fans are connecting. Being able to show brands and clients a vibrant community can be an incredibly powerful thing.

If you’re engaging key bloggers to share your message, start with the right content and make sure all of your images are sized right.

Don’t be afraid to advertise, especially if you have an existing Facebook community. [We’ve seen really good results by boosting posts that did well for a small, organic audience.]

Facebook rewards pages based on interaction. It’s all about karma; the kind of karma that comes back to you when you give good things.


Twitter: Flock in Circles 

Did you know 95% of all journalists like to be followed on twitter?

Jodi encouraged us to meet two new people to follow on Twitter and to subscribe to the BAM conference attendee list.

Twitter lets you follow 1,000 people per day. So every day, Jodi picks a topic and follows 1,000 people. She also looks for lists of people to subscribe to so she can follow hundreds of people at once.

Twitter is where she talks to people daily. She recommends forming a circle of friends that will always retweet each other. That way your messages spread faster and farther.  Use ^5 for high five!

I love the idea of partnering up – just like geese flying in a V.

Are we following each other on twitter? I’m @wiredPRworks.


Pinterest: Key in on Keywords

Complete your profile by filling every possible category.

To be found by search, fill out each board title with keywords. For example, if you want to be found for marshmallows, use the word not something cute like “white puffy things.”

Set up a Pinterest business account and have your site verified.

Make sure you sign up to have rich pins with a bold headline that pulls from your site.
When you’re starting out, create 12 boards with 12 pins in each board. Set your boards up as secret boards and then push them out when they’re ready.

Design your boards to look like someone you want to follow.
Start out with basic ones about your brand with topics you want to attract like food, home, style, travel and DIY. Add some unique ones like holiday and one or two that are just your blog boards.

Showcase seasonal boards by dragging and moving your boards around. Make sure your cover picture is set with a beautiful picture so everyone can see your style. People want to see something beautiful.

For more great examples, check out Wendy’s Hat on Pinterest.


#BAMC15 Twitter Trail

Because I wanted to be able to reread ALL the tweets and review all the pics, I made a #BAMC15 Storify.

Did you go to #BAMC15? What was your favorite moment?

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