Digital Branding and Marketing Success Plans

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand and get your marketing to work better and faster, but you didn’t think you had the know how you need to get to the next level?

Your wish is granted!

Here’s how you can get on your way to attracting attention, building your business and connecting with communities.


WIRED Branding, Digital PR and Social Media Consulting 

Tune up your current marketing plans and check into new, higher performance models

Based on CoryWest Media’s Marketing Transformation Process, the 360 marketing audit reviews your current plans and investments, assesses your goals and recommends ways to reach your customers more quickly, creatively and efficiently. We present you with recommendations. You set priorities, select solutions and realize results.

Level One: Fast Chat                                     

Looking for quick answers to your top two or three challenges or a big idea or two? In a fast-paced 75-minute jam session, we’ll cover all that and then some. Whether you’re looking for a second opinion, ways to clear roadblocks, or a refreshing recharge, you’ll be to take accelerated action in new directions after this call. Includes a progress check-in to be scheduled within 30 days to keep you moving in the right direction.

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Level Two: Pivot with Purpose                                  

Where do you want to go next? We’ll help you map out how to get there, quickly and creatively. Great for startups who want a fast liftoff and established organizations who need to get unstuck now. You’ll get ideas and action steps to get you where you want to go – now! Includes level one along with an executive summary version of a marketing audit, suggested keywords and a content marketing sketch.

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Level Three: Always on PR [Personality + Reputation]          

Solve the problems of attracting attention, improving online visibility and generating leads for your business. Go from being the best-kept secret known only to your top customers to being a well-known business with a recognizable personality and a stellar reputation that commands attention. Includes levels one and two. You’ll also get a PR plan that targets audiences, outlets and campaigns.

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Level Four: Complete Marketing Transformations Process   

Investment levels quoted upon request.

Get ready to step onto your custom-built success track. Compressed for speed and efficiency to fit most entrepreneurs’ busy schedule, we’ll meet for two hours to diagnose how to make your business run better and faster. Deliverables: basic communications foundation, keyword suggestions, and an accelerated marketing plan sketch. Includes all levels, plus two follow up 30-minute phone calls within the first 60 days. This plan may also be delivered onsite over the course of a day, with travel and expenses to be billed separately.

Driven by the WIRED system created by Barbara Rozgonyi, the strategic plan will provide an overview architecture that includes words, intentions, routes, experiences and design.

Includes . . .

  • Competitive online social media market analysis, up to three competitors or role models
  • 360 social media and marketing audit
  • Social media, marketing and PR ideas
  • Six-month content marketing production calendar
  • Includes team training

Additional Creative Partner Options

Monthly Business Development Coaching

Social Media Training

Content Marketing

Public Relations via major media, influencer and consumer channels

Online Marketing Consulting and Site Development

Social Media Consulting Engagement Benefits

Strategic Social Media: Positioning

Planning and ongoing consulting will monitor and measure ROI as well as community engagement. Our goal is to reposition social media activities to align with your objectives to connect you to an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Publishing Path: Efficiency

An editorial calendar and content publishing path will be designed to position you and your company as a community leader. An editorial approach will conserve staff time and engage the community with organized and creative content delivered via interest channels.

Skill Training: Consistency

Optional team training will maximize social media efforts to insure consistency and minimize training time.

Public Relations

Creative campaigns will connect you to media and industry influencers via news releases, blogger / influencer relations, and live social media events.



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