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When I talk about blogging, I get asked lots of questions like . . . BloggingPurpose

Why do you blog? Doesn’t that take lots of time? Who reads it [i.e., who needs it?] What’s the point? How much money do you make? Is it really worth it? What do bloggers do all day – is that all they do? And my favorite . . . What do you get out of it?

My being a blogger confuses many people: my family, my book group, clients, friends and sometimes even me. Although my real blog doesn’t match my ideal blog – something to do with managing clients, parenting three teens, volunteering and running a busy home life – it’s about  70% there. Even when I’m not blogging, I’m still writing posts in my head.

While what I write isn’t delivered to hundreds of thousands of people every day like a major journalist’s work would be, I am part of a system – an environment of thinkers, writers, doers, connectors and activists.

Now that I don’t answer every question that everyone asks and I’ve given up trying to convince my book group that reading blogs is worthwhile, the simplest answer to all the questions may be: I enjoy sharing knowledge and meeting new people.

Yes, I do network in person, but I find this virtual meeting ground a fizzier, more interactive place with long-term longevity.

Today, Liz Strauss offers seven ways to build a remarkably powerful personal blogging network. Because I met Liz at BlogHer and again at BlogWorld, I added “go to blogging conferences and see who you connect with.”

Blogging is all about relationships and virtual though they mostly may be, it’s good to know that, yes, there is a real live person behind that post who wrote it for you to read. 

What do you think?

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