BlogWord | PR Do’s and don’t’s

In this session, the moderator guided the discussion among six panelists.

Top takeaways . . .

Good corporate blogs: Southwest, GM and Kodak.

“A press release has no real business in the blog world. It’s about community, ranking, participating. Until you’re engaged at the level, you really have no clue.” Brian Solis

Key Discussion Points

Take time to think before you act, good advice for any PR initiative.

Reach out with relevancy in a relationship.

Don’t leave pitches on Facebook, unless that’s the blogger’s preference.

Find out how the blogger prefers to be contacted: email, phone, blog

Commenting is a good way to begin your relationship

Engage each blogger in a way that matches their interests and their readers

Create social media releases only – in place of the traditional press release format

Specialize and focus

Treat bloggers with respect and ask permission to contact them


What’s your PR do or don’t?

Browse Wired PR Work’s BlogWorld Expo 2007 collection.

One in a series of lightly edited transcripts or comments by Barbara Rozgonyi.

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