Speaking of Parks, Recreation and Social Media

Next week, I’m honored to present four programs at the IAPD/IPRA [Illinois Association of Park Districts – Illinois Park and Recreation Association conference]. Thanks so much to Jessica Alexenko of the Lisle Park District for booking me to speak at two workshops and two breakout sessions. We started talking about the conference almost a year ago and just last week I met several people at two different events who told me how much fun I would have at the conference.

In preparation for my sessions, I started scrolling back to think of stories I could share about park districts and realized that communities rely on local park districts for programming and facilities to shape activities, talents, teams, events, friendships and well, a whole lot of livelihood.

Our family photo album is filled with images from park districts and their programs: Magical Morning Workshop, ballet, creative movement, art, soccer, breakfast with Santa, playing at the park, walks around the lake and black and white images I developed in my photography class. I’m really looking forward to speaking to this group, meeting up with our local park district reps and reconnecting with a college friend who’s an area park district board member.

If you’ll be there, too leave a comment, send me a text message at 630.207.7530 or get in touch with me @wiredprworks on twitter.com.

Here are my sessions.

Wired Writing Workshop: How to Write for Screens, Spiders, Networks and People!

Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder, CoryWest Media, LLC
No matter what your grades were like in English class, chances are your teachers taught you how to write for print. But, great grammar and spotless spelling aren’t what you need for success in writing online. In this workshop, you will learn how to compose, format, package, repurpose and send your message so it gets action. You can use these skills every day in every message you compose to be read online (and off).
Participants will: (1) learn to organize and create informative or persuasive content that generates results; (2) learn to use tools and strategies to package content for multiple applications from print to online applications such as Facebook and Twitter and create a workplan that will guide consistent development throughout the organization to save time and improve quality.

Real-ize Your Virtual Brand: New Age Marketing/PR

Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder, CoryWest Media, LLC
Learn how to capture attention, start a conversation and convert searchers into customers using the power of virtual public relations! With the dawn of the social media revolution, the standard press release evolved into a dynamic new format that lets you take control of the story, presentation and distribution. Discover how you can tap into the PR power of the Internet – today and tomorrow – create news releases that attract readers, robots and search engines and dramatically increase your online visibility overnight.
Participants will: (1) learn how to bypass the press and easily track search engine rankings and readership for future success; (2) learn to masterfully convert simple press releases into multimedia Web sites.

Social Media Sampler: Test Drive the Latest in Marketing and Networking!
Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder, CoryWest Media, LLC
Blurring the lines between networking, marketing, public relations and communications, social media nurtures relationships that grow your business community online. You’ll find out how social media marketing can polish your profile, enhance your professional image and present you as the industry leader you are. In this session you’ll go on a live test drive and learn how social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogs and YouTube can benefit you and your agency. You will take away a social media owner’s manual that includes an action guide, resource directory, profile checklist and tips to grow your network.
Participants will: (1) take away a social media owner’s manual that includes an action guide, resource directory, profile checklist and tips to grow their network; (2) learn how to effectively and creatively utilize social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogs and YouTube.

Demystifying PR: Five Ways to Become an Expert News Source
Barbara Rozgonyi, Founder, CoryWest Media, LLC
Discover five ways to become an expert news source with new media tools and techniques you can start using today. Going beyond the meaning of PR as public relations or press releases we’ll cover: page rank; platform research; professional reputation; personal relevance; and process repetition. In one hour you’ll be on your way to planning your route to expert status. Participants will: (1) discover how to find and contact media sources; (2) learn how to craft traditional and social media press releases.

Images: Barbara Rozgonyi from the www.thesociallens.com copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Your Turn: What’s your parks and rec story? How would you – or do you – share it via social media?