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Today, Compuserve celebrates the 30th anniversary of their debut as an online consumer service.

1979: CompuServe begins offering a dial-up online information service to consumers. CompuServe added a wealth of other features: near–real-time stock quotes, weather reports (with downloadable weather maps), lively forums, even airplane-ticket booking through the Eaasy Saabre system. And, of course, there was e-mail, which Compuserve apparently trademarked as “Email”.

Source: Wired Magazine

Now that we know where the term “email” originated, I have a question for you:
What’s your email marketing wish?

Higher open rates, better click throughs, more subscribers?

Whatever you’re wishing for, here are a few resources can help you make better email marketing a reality.

5 Day Email Marketing Transformations Course
This course will take you through . . .
Day One: Brand Your Identity
Day Two: Present Offers the Crowd Can’t Resist
Day Three: How to Trigger Rapid Response
Day Four: Grow Your Own Groupies
Day Five: Measure What Works

Mark Brownlow’s email marketing resource guide
is a comprehensive list of sources you’ll want to browse through and bookmark.

Email Marketing Metrics Free Download
Look up results like these:
– earlier in the week is best, preferably Monday or Tuesday
– open rates and click rates vary by frequency and industry
– set up an option for mobile readers to get a shorter version
– use vivid color
– subject lines under 35 characters get the most attention

What’s your email marketing wish?

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