How to Take a Four Hour Vacation

w-p-alsSpring break ends today. It’s back to school tomorrow. Where do you like to go to getaway?

For our getaway, we drove 4.5 hours north to Door County Wisconsin.

The plan was to look around and spend the night.

Door County Four Hour Vacation To Do List

1. Eat pancakes and drink hot cocoa at Al Johnson’s
2. Stop by the Sister Bay Library and piece together a jigsaw puzzle
3. Check out the Skatepark
4. Go to the beach
5. Climb the Peninsula State Park fire tower
6. See animals [we spotted wild turkeys, deer and red tailed hawks]
7. Munch on cheese whips
8. ‘Gram some pics
9. Play mini golf
10. Look at the water¬†Walk on the water/icy lake, which was probably the highlight of the trip. That’s Phoebe and Warren out on the lake. So happy I told them to pack snow boots!


Except for playing mini golf and skateboarding [both closed], we did all that and then some. We drove by the biggest snow person in the world – this creature must have been at least 20′ tall.

After four hours, it was either stay or go. With plenty of triple dipped chocolate malted milk balls and a pound of cheese whips to tide us over, we decided to head home and call this the 4 Hour Vacation.

How to Take a Four Hour Vacation

1. Decide where you want to go.
2. Budget time to get there and back.
3. How much time is left? Four hours? Good!
4. Make a list of everything you really want to do.
5. Fuel up before you hit the road.
6. Plan to make your next meal the first activity when you get to your destination.
7. Enjoy your lunch, share via instagram, then move quickly on the next big thing.
8. Don’t get distracted and enjoy everything. Know when to move on.
9. Stop for snacks to munch on the way home.
10. Take a few final ‘grams, upload and then hit the road.


Where else can you see this approach working?

Image credits: Barbara Rozgonyi, copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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