Panoramic PR Destinations for Meeting and Event Planners

Thanks again to IMEX America for the opportunity to present Panoramic PR!

Because the presentation was only open to attendees, today I’m sharing the slides and the session description.

If you’d like to bring Panoramic PR, or any of my personal branding, social media or LinkedIn programs, to your next event, click here to book Barbara Rozgonyi.


Panoramic PR Destinations for Meeting and Event Planners

Without Panoramic PR [Personality + Reputation], everything is blah, blah, blah.

Not just for PR pros, this powerful session is for event marketers and everyone who needs innovative tools to attract attention, generate leads, drive sales, connect community, and keep the buzzing growing. Includes a PR primer, tips on where to find and how to reach top influencers / bloggers, and ways to align PR performance with marketing goals.

Learn how to transform outdated traditional press releases into modern vibrant social news releases that command attention.
Discover how to repurpose publicity as a marketing tool across direct, digital and dynamic channels to make the most of your PR efforts.
Find out how to reach traditional and new media, in unexpected places, to expand your reach.


What’s your biggest PR challenge? 


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