PR Takeaways: 2008 Chicago Auto Show

BarbaraRozgonyiChicagoAutoShowGetting two free tickets sealed the deal – and our trip to the 2008 Chicago Auto Show. Here’s a quick recap of my public relations takeaways – and a look at my 2008 Chicago Auto Show Slide Show.

Best of . . .

BMW gets the nod – again – for the best lounge. To get in, you need a BMW key. Is it any wonder that my buddy Dan who drives one is the guy to go to before you hit the show?

BMW also wins for best display. With show-stopping quotes, a full range of cars – including a vintage orange number, a video and awesome lighting, I lost track of my group when I stopped to take it all in.

Coolest ride – Jeep’s trail ride wait took over an hour, but the kids said it was worth it.

Link to site online – the Jeep photographer took two pictures of me – nice, except they made a father with his baby get back in line so they could take the second. When we were done, I got a card with a code to key in online. Before I could take a look, I had to complete a survey. Then, I could email the image to friends and family. Great way to integrate the pre and post-show experience into an easy-to-share marketing message. Even the Jeep logo stays on the photo.

Speaking English on Hispanic Day

Our visit coincided with Hispanic Day – what a great opportunity to reach out to Hispanics in their own language. Expecting to hear Spanish interpretations or at least see some signage in another language, I was disappointed. The only nod to the culture that I could see or hear was a band in the entry area. It’s easy enough to pull out special signage and hire bi-lingual models/reps, isn’t it? Maybe I missed the Spanish brochures or stickers, but I don’t think so.

What kind of PR or marketing best speaks your language?

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