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It’s late Friday night and I’m still celebrating – not the Bears victory.

Although, one of the proudest moments in my college life was performing in Soldier Field with the Marching Illini –
talk about hitting the big time for a kid from Danville, Illinois!

No, it’s not about the Bears – or the Colts who play in Indianapolis where all my favorite family
members live.

I’m celebrating tonight because I’ve accomplished something no one else has ever done before –
produce a virtual event focused on free publicity.

That’s right, Ultimate PR Secrets is a break-through event. And what’s really cool is not that I produced
it, but that now these recordings will be available to anyone who wants to plug in the power of free
publicity to slash advertising costs to next to nothing, propel their visiblity on and offline and
position themselves at THE expert.

Now, I know some of you missed out on the chance to register for the program. Last weekend I posted 4 replays for free from my blog and from the looks of the stats, lots of people are now much more knowledgable
about PR than they were last week at this time.

This weekend, I’m going to offer the opportunity to listen to my interview today with Al Lautenslager, best-selling author of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days. Al’s an entertaining guy – and one of the most savvy marketing experts out there.
I can’t believe how much free information he tossed out on our call.

Barbara Rozgonyi interviews Al Lautenslager.

Caution: don’t listen to this call unless you’re ready to start getting calls from reporters.

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