The New Rules of PR | Where to Download 2007 PR Playbook

nrpr_second_edition.jpgWhen I checked into my PR Web dashboard for the latest stats, I found an invitation to download David Meerman Scott‘s ebook: “The New Rules of PR: How to Create a Press Release Strategy for Reaching Buyers Directly” (second edition) . What’s different from the first edition of “The New Rules of PR?” Callouts by David McGinnis of PR Web. Read the release.

We started writing our own new PR rules about six years ago, when we accidentally became what I called an “e-PR agency.” All that meant, to me, was that every release went out in an email with a snappy subject line, a link here and there and an upfront bulleted highlight list when appropriate.

Because our main target was local media with outdated equipment and technology, at first the reporters didn’t get it. After all, there was no fax to pick up or envelope to open. Reporters only got email releases. Gradually, they stopped calling and asking for faxes. They started emailing us back. And, they began copying parts of the releases verbatim when they were under tight deadlines. At the time, I broke the rules because what worked for other agencies didn’t work for me.

Last week, my company CoryWest Media , launched one of the world’s first virtual seminars to focus on PR, Ultimate PR Secrets. Each of the eight speakers has their own opinions and many of them are best-selling authors on the topic.  All agree the Internet changes everything. What do you think?


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