Public Relations – a Promising SEO Trend


Is there a connection between public relations and search engine optimization? A recently released report notes that not only is there a connection, but a promising trend to watch.

Marketing Sherpa’s 2007 Search Trends Report is now online with free access. Read the transcript, listen to the mp3 or view the PowerPoint presentation to find out what 3100 marketers reveal about search marketing. One of the highlights for me is this quote from Stefan Tornquist, Marketing Sherpa’s Research Director.

“I think one of the most promising trends is something we’ve been writing about for several years. It’s the connection between search and public relations. We’re seeing more and more companies using the digital side of their PR to measure their overall public relations effectiveness, whether that’s, as I said, a variation in site traffic or tracking clicks from press release links.”

If you’d like to test this out on your own, consider distributing a release using PRWeb’s tracking methodology, a multi-purpose tool that tells you where your readers are, what search terms they’re using, the number of times your release is downloaded along with a range of other reports you can’t get with any other system. Writing an online release is an SEO exercise in and of itself. How else can you get on Google News page one within 24 hours?

Well-optimized online news releases will continue to drive traffic. A news release we sent out ten months ago consistently drives 10% of new site visits for one of our clients.

Want to know more about SEO and PR? Watch Aaron Wall of explain search engine marketing and public relations.

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