Checking Into BlogWorld

Got into Vegas about an hour ago. Returned a few emails. Watched the sunset [with a rainbow – nice to see some true natural beauty] and I’m headed out the door to meet up with some other BlogWorld attendees I met via LinkedIn. Although I’m not exactly sure who I’m having dinner with, I am looking forward to meeting new people and talking about what they do and why they’re here.


After that, Grace Hill Media is hosting an exclusive showing of “The Kite Runner.”  Starts at 9 [11:00 p.m. Chicago time]. That means I’m looking at getting back to the hotel around midnight and out the door tomorrow around 7, unless I arrive fashionably late, which I don’t like to do.

An Internet advertising rep. I met at O’Hare, in Vegas for a different event, offered this advice: “It’s either education or networking. Skip some of the sessions – you can probably read an article somewhere [or read their blog -BR] – and either rest up or get out and meet people. Besides, you might know more than the presenters anyway. To me, networking is more important than the sessions.”

Don’t know if I agree with those last two sentences, but I do know that some of the sessions will be stand outs. And, there’s no way of knowing which ones are the best until they’re all over. Still, the ones with more than four speakers might be overcrowded, both with panelists and attendees. And, if this conference is like BlogHer, the attendees will want to be part of the conversation. Makes for a richer experience, but limits speaking time. By the way, I updated my BlogWorld sessions from my last post to go to Wendy Piersall and Marc Harty’s sessions.

Stay tuned . . . you will get updates. Detail and timeliness to be determined. Have a question or want to know about something? Leave a comment and I’ll track it down for you or check into BlogWorld’s blog for show updates.

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