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Avoid Blogging Blunders: 10 Steps to Blogging Success

by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media

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Thinking of starting a blog or have one running now? Take a look at this ten point checklist to find out how to avoid blogging blunders and find your way to better rankings and higher visibility.

  1. Get started now or at least set a date to begin. If your web marketing mainstay is a static site, you’re not optimizing your virtual brand and you’re not reaching enough people.
  1. Blog from your own domain name. Forget the free blog platforms that ask you to agree to terms of service that allow them to suspend your blog permanently without warning. If hosting your own site sounds too scary, set up an account with a low-cost, easy-to-use provider like TypePad.
  1. Stockpile your posts and save, save, save. A post is an entry or article, categorized by topic and date. Be sure to save everything you write and back up your blog using your software’s file export feature. Better yet, compose your posts in Word.
  1. Schedule automatic delivery. Save time by writing a month’s worth of blog entries all at once and then set them up to show up online and in your feeds automatically.
  1. Form your blog community. Use Google’s blog search engine to find other blogs you’d like to read and comment on. Then, develop a core group of 20 or so that you check every day.
  1. Use the blog as your ezine. Services like FeedBlitz let you set up an email service that gathers and manages subscriber information.
  1. Link to other blogs on your blogroll. Make sure that you’ll read the blogs and comment on them. Don’t just put up a who’s who list. Ask for a reciprocal link so that your readers will see you when they visit a blog on your roll.
  1. Submit your blog to search engines and blog directories. To get higher rankings and more mentions, submit your URL to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL’s search engines. Being listed in blog directories like MyBlogLog and Technorati is a must for placement and visibility.
  1. Favorite your favorites on blog directories. Sites like Technorati let you choose favorite blogs, which promotes your blog by association.
  1. Give your readers social bookmark sites such as Digg so they can recommend your posts. You get a boost in ranking and your posts wind up in these site’s search engines.

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