Two PR Fashion Trends: Bloggers Don Press Passes, Users Generate Magazines

videopreview Look to fashion – make that Fashion Week –  to preview what will be trendy.

Here’s a trend I’d like to see take off: issuing bloggers press passes to events beyond the techno-conferences, something Fashion Week’s been doing since 2006. After all, a blog is a publication. A blogger is an editor who writes for readers. We belong on the press list and in the lounge.

How do readers and social networking sites fit into covering events?

Taking the content publication to self-proclaimed, independent fashion editors, last week Fashion Week formed a social networking media partnership with IQONS. Thanks to one of my favorite PR blog and podcast update services for the tip.

PR Couture reports on IQONS magazine’s debut at New York Fashion Week.

“For IQONS Magazine Issue Zero, members were challenged to submit contributions within a strict 10-day timeframe. After an overwhelming response, the submission period ended after only four days. Pushing the unique fusion of web and print communication even further, all content in the issue was pulled together in only three weeks to ensure a feeling similar to the rapid pace of the web.”

PR Takeaways for  . . .


Search out events that would interest your readers

Apply for press credentials

Talk to the event planners about what you plan to cover

Let your readers know

Live blog-if you can

Ask for a link on the event site or in their newsroom

Build your reputation an an authority source and your readership will grow

Marketing=Public Relations Agencies

Connect with bloggers who can write about your event – before, during and after

Give them free wi-fi at the event

Don’t ask to review the content

Make sure they get the interviews they want

Offer video and audio in your press lounge with a technical resource to edit and upload content onsite

Promote bloggers and other journalists who will be covering the event – I don’t see this very often, but it could be huge

Have an open press conference with Q&A for all if time is short, thank bloggers/media on your site and theirs

Event planners

Look for new ways to form social networking media partnerships with online communities and engage a strategy partner to help you make the most of the partnership

Expect members of the network to tell your story in ways you could never dream of

Be open to positive feedback and constructive commentary

Moderate and respond to all comments for the best dialogue

Set up your own blog or social networking site


In searching for an image, I found this video from MICA – here’s a clip from the Fashion Week You Tube video’s description:

“MICA stands for Multicultural and International Consortium of (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) Artists
MICA RUNWAY is the leading arts and entertainment high-grade venture in New York City exclusively dedicated to showcasing works by emerging filmmakers, up- and-coming fashion designers, striving talents, literary and visual artists who are disabled, deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind. MICA RUNWAY strives to provide access to the film, fashion, art and visual art worlds for disabled individuals who may be intimidated, oppressed or  ignored by the gatekeepers of the elite art, fashion and entertainment industries.” 

How can you reach out to and include groups like this?

Your Turn

What 2008 trends do you spot on the PR-social media-marketing-communications runway?

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