Growing in Business in 3D with LinkedIn

Assignment: Talk about how to do business on LinkedIn Challenge: in 10 minutes or less.
Result: How to Grow Business in 3D on LinkedIn: Digitally, Directly and Dynamically
Program: Social Media panel at Integrated Marketing Summit Chicago
Panelists: Aaron Goldman, Blagica Bottigliero, Brad Kleinman and Tony Bombacino of

It was an honor and a pleasure to present with them all. Blagica took us behind the scenes at Edelman to talk about community. Brad shared what’s new on Facebook, a presentation that could be updated every week. Tony talked about listening to customers and gave examples of how his company manages customer service requests. Aaron has a new book coming out – Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Google – and is someone to watch. Thanks to Aaron for organizing and moderating our panel and to Shawn Ellege for bringing Integrated Marketing Summit to Chicago.

Here’s my presentation . . .

What do you do to grow your business digitally, directly and dynamically?

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