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 Today, this article went out to my MTN Ezine subscribers.

Superhero PR: Coming to Your Client’s Rescue 

It doesn’t take a cape to rescue your clients;  just use your superpowers

 by Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media and Public Relations Expert

In Marvel comics, when the city is under siege, Superheroes save the day. What if you were a Superhero? Where would you find opportunities to go above and beyond the call of duty? How would you describe your rescue operation? Who do you help, when, where, why and how? In this article, using Wikipedia’s definition of Superhero common traits as shown in italics, you’ll learn how you can use your super powers to save the day for your clients. 

Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills, and/or advanced equipment

Product . . . What’s so special about what you can do? Take inventory of your powers and abilities in relationship to the relevance to your client’s situation. How does your product, service, delivery, consulting give them super powers of their own?

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