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Thanks to Spiderman 3, this post is drifting out of draft mode from where it’s sat when I first got the news.

In one of the first scenes, Spiderman stops to observe a crowd, mostly kids, watching a video. Seeing this shot reminded me to publish this post. Here’s how you, like Spiderman, can see yourself on a giant screen in Times Square.  

The latest in uber cool PR add -ons. . .  PRX Builder can beam your image out in Times Square. Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:

More than 1.5 million people pass through Times Square in a day – imagine the power of your image potentially reaching that many consumers!

So is it just a PR pipedream? Not any longer!

Thanks to PR Newswire’s new Internet Photo Distribution, your image will appear on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square!

For $299 the Internet Photo Distribution includes:

Posting of the image thumbnail on over 175 websites, including: LA Times, ABC Television affiliates, Yahoo! and others

Display of the image on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square
Images are displayed on the billboard for 15 seconds during the morning or afternoon rush hours, Monday – Friday
The story headline is also displayed with the image (up to 100 characters)
You receive a screen shot of your image on the billboard (what a powerful visual!)
The Reuters sign is the world’s largest digital sign. It is 23 stories tall and is comprised of 13 screens. It is a prime location, occupying the entire Southwest corner of Times Square, and it faces traffic!

To see the sign via a live webcam, please visit our partner’s website: http://www.timessquare2.com.

An image can be anything – a logo, a headshot, a product-in-action shot.

With your next press release, simply include a jpeg file (at least 200 dpi and 9 inches on the longest side)

For this special offer, don’t distribute your press release using the PR Newswire distribution page. When your release is complete, send an email to support@prxbuilder.com and request the Internet Photo Distribution.

As the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words – but that’s only if people see it!

The Internet Photo Distribution can only be purchased as an add-on to a text press release. It is not available for stand-alone photo distributions – it must go out with a press release.

So, what are you waiting for? See your name in lights on a Times Square billboard!

Seriously, where else can you get that type of exposure [and PR pop]  for under $300?


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