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You can use Newsvine to not only read the news, but to make the news, post articles, gather your own community and more. Evergreen, the relaunch, is discussed in a bit more detail at the Newsvine blog.

Thanks to the folks at Newsvine for the following email update.


A Much Smarter Front Page

What good is a news site that doesn’t adapt to the way you use it? The new Newsvine front page puts you in control of everything. Want your original Newsvine content at the bottom and your New York Times stories at the top? No problem. Want twice as many headlines? Also not a problem. If you can drag and drop, you can design your own front page in a matter of seconds.

Local Headlines and Weather

You know how when you’re trying to make conversation with someone, you’ll often say empty things like “nice weather we’re having”? With local weather now automatically displayed on your front page, you can now be much more specific with statements like “did you know that according to my favorite site, Newsvine, it’s going to be 78 and sunny in three days?” Furthermore, since we now also display headlines from your local newspaper, you can follow up that with “Did you hear Tom from the fraternity was arrested last night?” It is important to us that you’re as well informed about your city as possible, and that you’re consistently equipped for these precious moments of idle banter.

Newsvine Groups

With over 600,000 people a month using Newsvine now, it’s easy to get lost in this giant news amusement park. Well safety in numbers, we say. Create your own group or join hundreds of existing ones and connect with people who share your, ummm, “original” views on the world. There are groups for left-wingers, groups for right-wingers, and even groups for people who enjoy the music of Winger. Actually, we booted the Winger group, but you get the picture.

Newsvine Live

If you’ve ever wondered what people are doing up to the second on Newsvine, Newsvine Live will tell you. Quite possibly the world’s most thorough and voyeuristic news ticker, Newsvine Live feeds your nascent desire to stare at moving objects on a screen. When you see something interesting float by, just click and you’re off to go read it.

The News in Pictures

Let’s face it. Reading is hard. For those times when you’d just like to pop in and see what’s happening in the world in the form of great photography, the new Newsvine front page photo gallery is there for you. Each photo will actually take you to the corresponding story as well, in case you suddenly decide you’re up for some of that readin’ stuff.

External RSS Feeds

You can now add any news source in the world to your Newsvine front page with just a simple click on the big green “Add News Module” button. From the New York Times to the BBC to Techcrunch, it’s all there just waiting to be added.

All this and so much more awaits you at the new Newsvine. We’ve been working very hard over the past several months to give you the quality, customizable news site you deserve, and we hope you enjoy this huge update. If you do, tell your friends. If you don’t, we’d appreciate it if you’d lie to them on our behalf. Oh, and sorry for the e-mail!


[Note to Newsvine: Thanks for the email – telling your users how to use the product is perfectably acceptable and welcome.] Check out my Newsvine profile – it’s in starter mode.


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