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Here’s a clip from this week’s ezine article, “Celebrity PR: Sharing the Spotlight.” 

Ever wished you could be famous but didn’t think you could be a noted celebrity actor, thinker or speaker? In this article, you’ll discover 8 ways to share star power with the celebrity rub-off effect.

1. Choose Credible Celebrities
Make a list of people you’d like to meet or celebrities you’d like to be associated with. Think about leaders, speakers, products and even objects like cars that have the knowledge, image, power or credentials to give you more credibility with your audience.

2. Take a Picture
Bring your camera along with you to conferences, book signings, association lunches and special events. Find someone to snap a quick shot of you and your celebrity – after asking for their permission and telling them how you plan to use the image. Also offer to email a copy to them and the event host for use in their own promotional publications.

3, Write a Few Words
Send your celebrity a testimonial about how they changed your life or work. Track your celebrity online and in the news and then respond with a comment that relates your experiences.

Read the complete article and get five additional tips.


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