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Okay, so this has nothing to do with PR. Well, maybe it does. . .

Mark Joyner recently released his new book, Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Here’s a bio clip from a press release I wrote for Viral Marketing Intesives . . .

Mark Joyner is the creator of Simpelology and a best-selling author. Joyner was among the first to introduce the ebook concept with Search Engine Tactics, resulting in over 1,000,000 downloads. A prolific writer, Joyner’s recently published works include The Irresistible Offer: how to sell your product or service in 3 seconds or less and The Great Formula: for creating maximum profit with minimal effort.

Go to the Simpleology book site to watch the promo trailer. Sign up for Simpleology for free.

I have to tell you that I owe Mark Joyner more than a simple testimonial about Simpleology. I owe him my cat’s life – and a few other less precious, but maybe more momentous, accomplishments.

In August 2005, I bought into Simpleology for $97. At that time, I bought almost any product that was $99 or less. Whether I used it or not is another story. I not only bought into Simpleology, I used it – every day.

At the same time, I entered into a relationship – one with a professional coach.

Using Simpleology to keep me on track made my results not just good, but astounding. All of a sudden, I made major progress not in small leaps, but major bounds – sometimes in a few hours.

Simpleology is simplistic, basic and fundamental. Yet it’s intriguing enough to keep a 10 and a 13 year old boy engaged. That’s what I found in my high-performance tests with my sons. I read them the workbook and they did the exercises.

Have YOU ever tried to talk a glass of water into flowing magically into your mouth or cut open a box of cereal with a spoon? Well, neither had they.

Although they found the premise completely ridiculous, they got the concept. The only reason I tried it with them is because Mark hinted that he would develop a product for kids at some time. Now’s the time.

This course is dosed out in swallowable spoonfuls. So, you take the time you need to focus every day. And, over time you hone in on how to manage your money, tune into your energy and turbocharge your entrepreneurism.

“Remember Mom, ‘Relentless Focused Action,'” each one of my three kids chimed in at me at some of my lower moments.

While this course can transform your life and make massive action seem like a flick of a finger, can it really perform miracles?

For me, yes. . .

When I wrote that my short-term goal was to help my cat recover from severe complications to a bite wound and I realized the only action I could take was to visit her in the animal hospital, I still imagined that she would be soon be purring on my lap while I typed. Even when the vet called to say it was time to put her to sleep, I still imagined a healthy cat. I told my friends that I was approaching this situation with “relentless focused action.”

Because this is a blog post, I’ll cut to the happy ending. Pepper survived a killer high fever, a radical skin removal and an extreme skin graft. I really don’t think she’d be alive if I hadn’t stayed true to the course and taken relentless focused action every day.

Did I do the surgery? No, but I encouraged the first surgeon to take a radical approach. And, I gave the vet phone numbers of major university vet schools to find out who in the area could perform the second surgery. Thanks to relentless focused action I now have a happy cat snoozing on my bed.

Public relations often requires agility, precision and perhaps some radical surgery. Staying focused and walking a straight line to your target takes, you guessed it, relentess focus action. Test out the Simpleology tools online.

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