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For the last few days I've been answering calls for a literary agent. Each time the caller left a message saying they found my listing in the Yellow Pages online. So, I checked it out and yes, indeed, CoryWest is listed in the Literary Agent category - along with Marketing Consultants, Marketing Programs & Services, Public Relations Counselors and Writers.  Hmm. . . how did we wind up with the literary agents? 

Of course, I promptly return every message to let the aspiring novelists know that although my company does many things, I am not a literary agent. And then I say, "I'm curious. What's your book about?"At that point, the real story begins. Passion for their project radiates right through the phone.

Sometimes I have to set them straight. While writing for a living is certainly doable - I created a class called "Write from the Start: Running a Succesful Freelance Business" that empowered more than a few successful writers, selling one book won't support your family or maybe even your cat.

Even so, there is omnipotent power in passion. Before we hang up, I give them this list of resources. Until I can figure out how to change my listing, I can tell them to check this post. I will miss the stories, though. Have a resource to add? Leave the link in the comment section or email connectATcorywestmediaDOTcom.

Resources for Ready to Publish Writers

Dan Poynter, The Book Guy's site - stacked with tons of free resources

Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual, 16th Edition: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book (Self Publishing Manual) (Paperback) a true insider's industry guide with marketing tips that work for all types of publishing

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams I am, I am I am: How to Get Everything You Want in Life , by Thomas Pauley and Penelope Pauley - all you need is a 79 cent notebook and a pen to figure out what you want, recommended to shift from scarcity to abundant mentality

Rick Frishman's Author 101 Newsletter and Blog- this is the guy, he even gives away his resource list in exchange for your email address

Independent Writers of Chicago - go to a meeting if you live in the Chicago area - if not, check out the site to see what members write about

Adams Press- independent book publisher in Chicago

Morgan James - The Entrepreneurial Publisher™

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