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Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords is a must-read and a must-follow guide that tells you “how to access 100 million people in 10 minutes.” I’ve read the entire book, some sections three and four times – and you should, too.

In the midst of split-testing my Google AdWords campaigns, I came up with an alternative approach: the luck factor. Before I get into how the play the “I Feel Lucky” game, let’s talk about public relations and how the keywords your prospects use to find you on the Internet fits into your publicity plan.

Keywords drive searches that route traffic that converts to sales. So, having the proper keyword selection is critical to setting up your sales process path. From a public relations perspective, proper keyword alignment [your words match up with your company/product and your prospects’ searches] clears your traffic path and removes the noise from your messages. But, finding the right match takes time and testing, testing, testing.

My early results show I was using keywords that a) got 0 traffic even though they sounded good or b) were out of my bidding range. I did find a few keywords that have what I like to call “open room” – the bid price is low and competition is nil.

But, rather than rely solely on the Google Keyword Tool, I decided to come up with a new approach to keyword research based on Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky™” search option. Here’s how to get lucky.

Go to Google’s home page – you know, the one that’s mostly blank. Enter your search term of choice and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky™” instead of “Google Search.” Then, see what comes up and go where your intuitive search takes you.

Here’s how Google describes this feature:

“The “I’m Feeling Lucky™” button takes you directly to the first web page Google returned for your query. You will not see the other search results at all. An “I’m Feeling Lucky” search means you spend less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them.”

Type in “press releases” and you’ll immediately be taken to Wikipedia’s “news release” page with all kinds of key word ideas. “March Madness” goes to the NCAA. Enter “multimedia marketing expert” and yours truly’s speaking page pops right up.

Play “I Feel Lucky” a few times to see who’s leading the pack. When you get to these sites, note page titles, headings, anchor text links and subjects.

Make a list of terms or phrases you like and then check into Google’s Keyword Tool to check keyword search volume, cost and ad position estimates, search volume trends and possible negative keywords.

Want to take the game to the next level? Type in “I’m Feeling Lucky™,” click the “I’m Feeling Lucky™” button and you’ll find yourself staring at Google Help: Search Features.

If you’re really serious about success, start off on the right keyword track with Perry Marshall’s “5 Days to Success with Google AdWords™” and start bidding!

Try it and see how lucky you can get.



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