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It must be getting close to Christmas. Why else would my blog keep getting hit with Wii hunters?

Last November, I told my readers the story about how we got the Nintendo Wii in eight minutes. It’s true and I’m glad I wrote it down. Maybe I’ve even glad it’s on my blog because now I can use it as a case study in how blogs boost keywords with an ongoing afterlife.

Over a year – and 500+ readers -later, this post keeps turning up in search engines. Today’s top pick: #33/4,960,000 results for the keyword string “when to get in line wii.”

While most of the readers who come here for this post have little interest in marketing or PR, they do like to read a good story. And, they want to know how to get their own Wii game system so they can start making miis [check out this cool mii creator-editor].

For those who do want to know more about keywords, read on.

If you read this far and really all you wanted was a Wii, check the Wii Watch List.

Back to the post . . .  

Tying your keywords to popular search terms attracts traffic. Writing posts that twist the keyword into your topic keeps your regular readers – and visitors – intrigued. Blogs keep your keywords alive, well and active in searches months after they appear for the first time.

Want to know what’s hot? Here’s today’s top 10 from Google trends:

1.john berg
  2.anna chakvetadze
  3.tyna marie robertson bowl
  5.the hobbit weisgerber
  7.john berg law and order
  8.hayes macarthur
  9.sandrama lamy

Other places to see what’s trendy in the news department . . .

Yahoo! Yodel Anecdotal

Technorati Top Searches

So, here’s what you want to do . . .

Track trends

Choose trendy keywords

Link to related posts

Tie into your topic

Hyperlink keywords

Set up a Google Alert for the keyword

Watch what happens

Add in an intro welcoming readers letting them know what your blog is about.

Post now open for comments . . . about the Wii, PR, keywords, etc. . . .

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