LinkedIn PR-Top 10 Ways to Become a Subject Matter Expert

Top 10 Ways to Quickly Becoming a Recognized Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn by Barbara Rozgonyi

featured in “Sticks & Stones: How Digital Reputations are Built Over Time and Lost in a Click” by Larry Weber

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1. Grow your connections in the categories you want to reach; review every invitation before you accept to see if there’s a fit with your profile.

2. After you accept an invitation, reply with a quick personal message that includes a few bullet points about what you do, an opportunity to ask questions about your industry and additional ways to connect with you online such as your blog, ezine or forum.

3. Present your profile to match the audience you want to target with benefits or accomplishments that highlight your expertise to draw them in.

4. In the websites section of your profile, add a link to a page that lists your news, social media bio, articles or publications.

5. In the answers area, post questions that collect information for a report or survey you’ll publish as a white paper based on your LinkedIn community’s experience.

6. Answer relevant questions with specific information based on your expertise and work your way up to becoming an expert by giving top-rated answers.

7. Match your industries to your network, unless you’re a consultant to a specific industry who will benefit from being visible to your peers as well as your consulting base.

8. Talk about your LinkedIn networking experiences on your blog and in your marketing communications and make your LinkedIn site [] as prominent as your home page URL in all communications

9. Get recommended as an expert resource by asking those who value your insights to write a reference that promotes you [and them!].

10. Redirect interest to your own personal community, such a blog or forum, where people can learn, contribute and continue the dialogue with a link to or mention of the community in your public profile and track traffic to measure results.

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