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Thanks so much to Mary-Lynn Foster and  George Krueger for interviewing me as a The Bigg Success Expert Session guest.

It was fun to talk about how to promote your business for free as a radio show guest.

You can listen to the preview for free and I’m pleased to let you know you can purchase the entire The Expert Session interview at a very reasonable price.

Get your copy of The Bigg Success Show Expert Session with Barbara Rozgonyi on how to promote your business for free as a radio show guest.

Here’s the promo . . . didn’t they do a great job? I love how they package their experts.

In the Expert Session, Barbara shared so much more. She gives a tutorial on setting up Google Alerts, tips on alerts you might want to set up and an example of how to do it. Even better, she doesn’t use “techie talk!”

She also talks about:

  • how to be a trend setter
  • how to tap into the virtual water cooler to listen in on conversations about your industry
  • what you need to promote yourself to radio stations
  • the most important words to tell a radio host that guarantees you’ll get more calls
  • what you should have in your promotional package
  • and much, much more in four tracks of about ten minutes each

Your Turn

What other publicity topics would you like to know more about?

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