Happy Easter Passover and Spring!


Happy Easter, Passover and Spring!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful and blessed day!

Here’s a picture of of my sister and me with our four Easter cuties taken when they were little at our first family home in Oak Park. From left to right: Warren, Lori, me, Peter, Phoebe and my niece Andrea. Patrick, Andrea’s brother, would be born a few years later.

A few places to check out online today . . .

Easter Photos from Around the World from Huffington Post.

13 Things You Need to Know for Passover 2013 like why Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday in America.

Simply put, like America itself, Passover is about freedom.  It celebrates the eternal quest for human dignity and the freedom which is perhaps the greatest expression of that dignity. Nowhere, and at no time, in 3,000 years of Jewish history have Jews known the kind of centuries-long freedom and security which are the American Jewish experience. The Passover story of freedom — of the journey from oppression to opportunity — is also the American story at its best, not just for Jews but for all people, and it rings deeply true when it is told at Seder tables across this nation. Source: Fox News

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