How Online Press Releases Build Affiliate Sales


Want to earn commissions for recommending products? Many sites or products offer affiliate commissions every time someone who clicks your link makes a purchase. [Note: actual affiliate link included in post for illustration purposes]

Most Internet marketers make affiliate sales when they promote products to their email lists. Bloggers reap affiliate sales rewards by recommending products in posts or in blog display ads.

If you’re looking for a way to market affiliate products beyond email and blogging, try online press releases. In the last week, two PR Web releases published 15 months ago each brought in an affiliate sale.

Here’s how to keep your press release selling . . .

– buy a URL and forward it your affiliate link in your domain management center – for example,, links to my BlueHost affiliate site

– hyperlink your anchor texts to link to your affiliate URL so that blog hosting pro, BlueHost links to your affiliate site. Google picks up these anchor text as keywords. You’ll want to use one in the summary, one in the beginning and one towards the end

– call for action two times – once at the end of the introductory paragraph and once and the end of the release

– list benefits, not features, to let the reader know the advantages of buying the product

– quote a few experts or the product creator to add credibility and dimension

– only promote products that you stand behind; check out everything before you recommend it

– experience the product and write a review that gives pros and cons

– track your affiliate clicks and sales so that you know what works with your audience – does it take 100,000 views to sell one item or can you sell 20?

– invest in a high quality distribution partner that hosts your release and allows you to add multi-media elements like audio and video

– keep distributing releases, each one targeted for a different audience or a different benefit

– last but not least, write a headline that attracts attention, is 80 characters or less and contains at least one of your top keywords

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