20 Reasons to Begin Blogging and Forget Updating Your Site

bubbleblog You don’t have to choose between blogging and updating your website. You can do both. If you don’t yet have a blog, get one – now. Waiting another year or two to jump in will put you way, way, way behind your competition. The race for SEO keyword market share is on and there’s one sure way to stay in shape: become a blogger with an opinion.

Take a look at 20 reasons our clients – small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and subject matter experts – are either adding blogs to their sites or are transitioning to a blog platform as their main site:

  1. puts your online presence under you control with a easy to set up, host and maintain on your own blog
  2. simplifies content creation, no HTML or Web design software required- article on free blog composer tool
  3. saves money on website design and maintenance [sometimes tens of thousands of dollars]
  4. makes updates instantaneous – eliminates sluggish turnarounds
  5. opens up a community conversation that enriches your client relationships with two-way commentary
  6. allows you to upload multimedia content with a few clicks
  7. submits your posts/articles into multiple search engines more quickly
  8. positions you as an expert in your niche – if that’s what you want
  9. supports sales and customer service functions with categories that
  10. organizes and displays information by topic – automatically
  11. serves as an always-on PR platform for the media and searchers looking for information on your niche
  12. delivers daily measurements/insights you can’t get from a site like who stopped by, where they came from and what they clicked on
  13. sends out updates via email or an RSS feed subscription service
  14. connects you to the blogging community where link love is given freely
  15. differentiates you/your company as innovative, modern and influential surprises you with new connections and business opportunities that pop up when people read your blog
  16. gets you into blog conferences where you’ll meet other bloggy-types
  17. gives you a reason to write and have an opinion
  18. grants you a place to share with guest bloggers
  19. sends updates to cell phones – at your reader’s request
  20. lets you blog from your phone, with text, image and video uploads

What did I miss?

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