BlogHer09 chooses Chicago for July 24-25 Blogging Conference

I'm Going to BlogHer '09 

BlogHer is coming back to Chicago!

After attending BlogHer07 in Chicago as a local volunteer live blogger, I made the decision to travel to BlogHer08 in San Francisco.

What a difference a year made!

In 2007, blogging was still edging into the monetization mainstream. In 2008, PR reps from major agencies seemed to pop up in every session. Why? Because the bloggers at BlogHer are conversation masters – for large communities.

I predict that BlogHer09 will be a must-attend blogging conference – and not just for women only – but for the marketing, PR and advertising industries at large.

On behalf of the Chicago Social Media Club advisory board, we’re welcoming BlogHer09 to Chicago and starting our countdown now!

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