Easy April Fool Fun Pranks

Through the years, I’ve enjoyed being a practical joker on April Fool’s Day.

I loved calling my dad to tell him something that was obviously a joke and seeing how long he would go for it. He was a smart guy so even though my joke fell flat fairly quickly, I still enjoyed dreaming one up.

My kids are better jokers than I am around the house. One year, I came downstairs to find every kitchen cabinet door open. Paper towels hung from the light fixtures. It was truly spooky, unexpected and totally easy to clean up! Thank you Peter!!

If you’re in the mood to be a prankster, now’s the time to start planning. Here are a few great tips I found for you.

Always Follow the Golden Rules of Pranking from April Fool Zone

Plan ahead

Don’t wait until April 1st to start thinking about strategies. Early planning means you’ll be ready on the big day!

Prank with love

Never pull a prank with a mean spirit in your heart. Do it to get a laugh out of someone you care about. And think twice about pranking strangers –it’s generally NOT cool.

Match the prank to the person

The best April Fool’s gags are carefully chosen to fit the victim’s personality. For instance, a car prank is perfect for someone who is fussy about their car (but make sure you don’t damage their “baby”!). Or, a computer gag will work best on someone is isn’t very computer savvy. Tailor your prank for the best result.

19 April Fool’s Day Pranks You Can Easily Make Yourself from Buzzfeed

How about a fake parking ticket or an unsolvable word scramble?

My favorite? Add googly eyes to everything. Like, seriously, everything.

April Fool’s Day Tips to Try at Home and Work from Parade Magazine

On Facebook, change your birthday to April 1. When the well wishes start rolling in, switch your status to “April Fools!”

April Fools Pranks Pinboard on Pinterest

With how-tos. 🙂

Need more inspiration? Check out PR Daily’s 2012 April Fools Day pranks from five major brands and the best 2012 April Fools Day Pranks on Huffington Post.

Have Fun!

What was your best or worst April Fool’s prank?

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