25 Snow Day Activities to Cure Cabin Fever for Parents


Here in Chicago, it’s -10 outside and school is out.

As kids celebrate another snow day, parents who are ready to get back to work after a two-week vacation may be a tad less joyous.

Although our kids are in college and beyond, I remember how challenging it could be to be confined for another day. Here are 25 snow day activities to help you cure cabin fever.

If you’re a marketing and PR parent add talking to your kids about why you love what you do to top of the list. Take your kids behind the scenes and let them know how your work changes the world. If you need creative ideas, ask them for suggestions. You might be surprised at how savvy they are. As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Who knows? They may decide to follow in your footsteps.

Snow Day Activities to Help Cure Cabin Fever

  1. Tell your kids about why you love what you do.
  2. Teach them about social media safety and review their profiles.
  3. Check out snow day activities from Parents.Com.
  4. Host a play date palooza with these play-date ideas.
  5. Learn to draw.
  6. Pack the holiday ornaments away.
  7. Clean out the toy closet.
  8. Write thank you notes for Christmas presents.
  9. Get started on your Valentine’s day ideas.
  10. Go on an in-house photo walk.
  11. Write a play and then perform it for your family.
  12. Visit another country online.
  13. Read books out loud.
  14. Dress up and pretend you’re going on a fancy outing.
  15. Watch family movies.
  16. Make stop-motion Vine videos.
  17. Bake cookies.
  18. Invite cousins and friends to join a Google Hangout play date.
  19. Make a list of 10 new things you want to try this year.
  20. Watch TED talks.
  21. Dream about what you want to be.
  22. Make real hot cocoa.
  23. Make movies starring toys.
  24. Scout out locations for the summer family vacation.
  25. Talk about why you’re grateful for school and friends.

Here’s a TED talk about life in the deep oceans to get you warmed up . . .

How do you cure cabin fever?



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