Simplified International Media Analysis

map-countries-gdp-2012Keeping track of media results in one county, one state or even one country can be challenging.

Whether or not you do business around the globe or only in your own country, you may be missing the insights you need to make your media relations more efficient.

Thanks to the Institute for Public Relations, a new 34 page report is yours to download. Based on this question,

How does an organization structure a media monitoring and measurement program that provides optimal international business intelligence in a cost-effective manner?

You’ll find answers in an international media analysis report from the Institute for Public Relations. You can use the guide for discussing how and what media relations can do for you and your business in countries beyond your borders.

According to IPR, the authors, IPR Measurement Commission members Mike Daniels and Angela Jeffrey, offer seven steps to design an international media measurement program:

  • identify and articulate business needs
  • analyze media content needs
  • evaluate dashboard systems
  • determine language and analysis processes
  • select a monitoring and analysis provider
  • sell the solutions internally
  • evaluate success

You’ll also find case studies and examples to use as templates.

When do you reach out to international media? How do you analyze your results?

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