Bloggers and PR Strategies from BlogWorld08


Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out enough twitter updates to fill a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers Bloggers & PR with Chris Brogan, Michael Clark, Jason Falls and Brian Solis. Lee Odden filled in for Michael Clark.

You’ll find all of my BlogWorld08 twoverage [tweet +coverage] here.

Thanks to those of you who asked me to share these updates.

Reader’s Guide: Each line represents a live update made on @wiredprworks on Reporting is in reverse order; so start at the end and read your way up. Note that this is exactly what I typed during the session, misspellings and all. When you see @name, this means that the person who was talking may be found on Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies. 

Did you go to BlogWorld? Please share your takeaways and resources in the comments section.

PR2 BlogWorld08 session notes by Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks on

#pr2 is the number 2 tag right now on twitter!!! #bwe08

give to get, what do you have to give in order to get @leeodden, bring wine to the picnic @chrisbrogan #pr2, #bwe08

it’s not just about bloggers and journalists, tastemakers – some of the most influential people in new media @briansolis #pr2, #bwe08

@briansolis – pr/marketing definitely fusing, pr will be storytelling, search, CRM market analyst, #pr2, #bwe08

get heavy on the “R” in PR @chrisbrogan, #pr2, #bwe08

@jasonfalls, full disclosure for ethical issues #p2, #bwe08

screenscrape PR session notes here: (expand) suggestion from @chrisbrogan, #pr2, #bwe08

understand that if you have an audience, you are a media member and you will be approached by PR people @jasonfalls, #pr2, #bwe08

@briansolis, @jasonfalls, @chrisbrogan, @leeodden – thank for answering my question re: techno PR, wire services, #pr2, #bwe08

just noticed that #pr2 panelists are also twittering #bwe08

get your opinions out there, include other media, different ways to connect w/people than the press release @leeodden, #pr2, #bwe08

@chrisbrogan – let’s all be human, get to know people [and be easy to meet like @chrisbrogan!], #pr2, #bwe08

get to now blogger through social networks, position yourself as a person they want to know about, look for relevancy match #pr2, #bwe08

@briansolis – sent in and out burger coupons to a-list blogger who loves them, pitches always = stories now #pr2, #bwe08

@briansolis hates the word pitch, start thinking about the relationship b4 you have something to say #pr, #bwe08

brevity is paramount, treat pitches as pre-pitches, twitpitch or 3-4 sentence email @jasonfalls, #pr2, #bwe08

pr firm? mention post you read when reaching bloggers @briansolis #pr2, #bwe08

bring folks back to why they need this, something concrete and meaningful @leeodden, #pr2, #bwe08

bring folks back to why they need this, something concrete and meaningful @leeodden, #pr2, #bwe08

people want big results and they want it right away, new media relations is changing the game @briansolis, #pr2, #bwe08

think about people first not strategy #pr2, #bwe08

baja twitter track solved the communications problem: update Robbie Gordon’s fans @jasonfalls #pr2, #bwe08

1st rule: know your audience @jasonfalls #pr2, #bwe08

in the pr session #pr2 #bwe08 on right, row 4, can’t find michael clark so @leeodden joining

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