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I’m getting ready to redesign this blog and I’m asking for your help. After writing over 550 blog posts, it’s safe to say I like what I’m doing.

But, do my readers? How can I make visiting this blog a better experience for them?

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Now that I’m ready to upgrade, I made this list of priorities. What’s missing? What changes would you like to see?

Blog Redesign Priorities

  1. Always on –find a host that can handle traffic
  2. Easy to remember – is redirected to the actual URL,, a temporary [at the time-September 2007] URL. How will changing to the new URL affect my traffic and rankings? Is there a way to roll over my posts, should I start fresh? What’s the best way to move to a new URL?
  3. Is the best choice?
  4. Get a logo, a header and a headshot. Although I have a logo for my company, I don’t have one for the blog/publication.
  5. Establish an editorial calendar with guest interviews and monthly themes.
  6. Lower the bounce rate – do people think the site’s too plain or are they not finding what they’re looking for?
  7. Add places for product and service promotions so that readers can expand their knowledge.
  8. Clarify the calls to action in the post footer and in the sidebar, maybe add a popover?
  9. Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.
  10. Show readers where to connect: twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  11. Display most popular posts, recent posts and comments.
  12. Be memorable and welcoming – have a type of home page now, but is it working?
  13. Design based on usability – look at flow, pages and patterns.
  14. Make RSS feed more prominent.
  15. Reflect branding.
  16. Optimize search capabilities.
  17. Rank higher on Google.
  18. Invite first time readers to subscribe or add a header in each post with an invitation.
  19. Decide if the company site should be integrated with the blog.
  20. Partner with a designer who understands SEO, blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing and ecommerce.   

That’s what I came up with, now let’s check in with the expert.

Here, Problogger Darren Rowse talks blog redesign and why first impressions matter – check out the way he changes his look in the beginning of the video.


How would you upgrade or enhance Wired PR Works?

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