ooVoo Hosts Blogger Video Chats as Frozen Pea Fundraiser

Hat tips to Gavin for letting me know about My ooVoo Day and to Abraham Harrison for the details.What would it be like to talk to your favorite blogger in person? Thanks to ooVoo, you don’t have to travel to a blog or social media conference to find out.In a brilliant promotion [check out this video chat example from their agency, crayonville], the company enlisted top bloggers and asked them to give away their time – in 15 minute increments – in exchange for supporting the Frozen Pea Fund to Fight Breast Cancer.To schedule your session, go to the My ooVoo Day site, pick your blogger and your time slot. You’ll need to download the ooVoo software that makes it possible to chat live via video.As a former helloWorld affiliate who began using online video in 2004, I can see the benefits of using this free product. Here’s the line-up . . . let me know who you’re signed up with and how your chat went.

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