The Story of Your Life? Timeline’s a Place for That



Yesterday’s News: Fretting over Facebook changes.

Today’s News: Get over yesterday. Today, your life is on the Facebook timeline.

Now, the big question: are you ready to share it?

What you do with your Facebook profile is up to you.

For one of my students, Facebook was where she would display her horse show pictures. But, she didn’t have an account. So we set one up in class.

Sitting at a station in a college computer lab, she slid a CD into the drive. Soon enough, digital images of a horse show in the 1960s reappeared in her Facebook profile.

Not everyone wants to communicate in real time.

I’ve always thought Facebook was a good place to tell your histories.

We didn’t just want to design a place for stories and apps. Where you tell your story online is really personal. We wanted to make Timeline a place you can be proud to call your own. Timeline is a place to curate your stories so you can express who you are. We’re more than what we just did recently, so all the stories you’re shared over time fall off your wall and effectively disappear and today there’s no good way to share them. – Mark Zuckerberg F8 keynote

What Timeline means for marketing

We don’t – exactly – know yet. Facebook says the goal is to socialize the way business gets done. The open graph enables all kinds of new models to work, which opens up opportunities to reshape companies and rethink entire industries.

Some have theorized that the Newsfeed will now be even more hard on pages that get low feedback rates on their posts. That makes page posting best practices even more important. Best advice for now: Focus even more on getting higher feedback rates, and do quality posts two to three times a day. Watch your data and adjust accordingly. Source:

Facebook Design Changes

Gigantic header

You select the header photo. I’m imagining photography, as important as it is now, will become a real identifier. What do you think?

Timeline interface

Off the wall into a timeline that can be backfilled as far as you want to go. How deep are your creative archives?

The Facebook wall has always been structured chronologically, but has become less and less favorable to browsing posts and updates from more than a few months ago. In timeline, that all changes. There is now a literal timeline embedded on your profile that will let anyone viewing it click back to any year where there are updates or content and view them. Source:

Social “Canvases”
Zuckerberg used the term “canvas” to talk about apps as backdrops. Daily is a news canvas app from News Corp. Lifestyle canvas apps cover topics like fashion, walking, running and cooking.

The Ticker

Lighter weight activity floats in the ticker, a real time updating column on the right hand side of the page.

Open Graphs and Apps

The central idea here is that users will be able to share what they’re doing in Facebook-connected apps as they’re doing it. If your Spotify account is connected to Facebook, a message will show up in your Timeline and in the Ticker stating the song you’re listening to. If a friend wants to listen to the same song, he or she just hovers over the song in the Timeline or Ticker, and if they want, they can launch that song in Spotify too. Source:

Personal vs. Professional: Was there Ever a Life-Line?

Now, there’s no question that you can present your entire life on one encompassing platform – if you want to.

This one life will come alive with chapters, sidebars, illustrations and notes in the margins – from you and your friends.

How hard will you wrestle with separating business and personal personas? Are they two sides or two subtle shades in the same hue?


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