How to Share the Holiday Spotlight


632 pounds. On display in Las Vegas, this outrageous orange pumpkin attracted all kinds of attention. How can you do that? One easy way is to step into the spotlight that’s already on during national holidays and special observances.

If there was ever a month to promote your business, October is it. Take a look at this list of October’s special days and see how you can tie them into a press release or at the very least a social networking update or two. Thinking ahead? Check out these Halloween PR tips. By the way, what’s your favorite October holiday?

How to Tie Holidays and Observances into Your Marketing

To help you get started, here are a few ideas.

Press Releases: Write a press release that relates the special day – on October 18 pair up with a cupcake bakery to arrange surprise deliveries.

Promotions:  Ties into a month-long observance – donate a percentage of profits to Breast Cancer.

Events: Celebrate – host a gourmet reception fundraiser, like our client Drury Design, during National Kitchen and Bath Month.

Social Media: Mention the day or in your social networking updates – on October 4 ask your connections how they’re improving their office and offer a tip on how you’re improved yours.

Blog Posts: Run a week-long series of blog posts during Business Women’s Week featuring your clients or colleagues.

Contests: Ask customers and the community to participate – hold a best chili recipe or Halloween costume contest.

Relate: Choose events that have meaning for you, your business and your community – that’s how I curated this list.

Innovate: Create your own special day, week or month and start a new national observance – what would you celebrate?

October Holidays and Observances

Apple Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Class Reunion Month

Dessert Month

Emotional Intelligence Month

International Augmentative & Alternative Communication Awareness Month

International Strategic Planning Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Chili Month

National Go on a Field Trip Month

National Kitchen and Bath Month

National Reading Group Month

Photographer Appreciation Month

Pizza Month

Self-Promotion Month

Squirrel Awareness Month

October Weekly Celebrations

2-8 National Newspaper Week

3-7 Customer Service Week

9-15 Build your business with business cards week

17-21  National Business Women’s Week

October Special Days

 1 World Vegetarian Day

2 Techie’s Day

3 World Habitat Day

4 Improve your office day

5 World Teachers Day

6 Mat Hatter Day

7 Yom Kippur

8 National Depression Screening Day

9 World Post Day

10 National Kick Butt Day

11 National Face your Fears Day – hunter’s moon

12 Free Thought Day

13 World Sight Day

14 World Egg Day

15 Sweetest Day

16 World Toy Camera Day

17 National Boss’s Day/National clean your virtual desktop day

18 National Chocolate Cupcake Day

19 Evaluate Your Life Day

20 Information Overload Day

21 Reptile Awareness Day

22 Make a Difference Day

23 Mother-in-law Day

24 United Nations Day

25 Sourest Day

26 Perigean Spring Tides Day

27 Cranky Co-Workers Day

28 National Chocolates Day

29 Internet Day

30 Checklist Day/National Candy Corn Day

31 Halloween/National Magic Day/National Caramel Apple Day

Looking for more holidays? Try here, here or here.

Your Turn: How do you tie holidays or observances into your marketing or PR?

Photo: Outrageous Orange from the Las Vegas Lobby Collection copyright 2009 by Barbara Rozgonyi.

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