Webinar Answers Social Media Questions on 1003

Before I let another day in October slip away I’m checking in to ask two questions:

1. What’s new with you?

2. What’s your biggest question about how to use social media to enhance your business results?

Is sent this message out to my newsletter subscribers over the weekend.

Because so many replied, I thought I’d invite my blog readers to participate, too.

Go ahead and leave a comment with your answers – and be sure to link back to your site.

Then, join us on a social media webinar tomorrow at 11:30 am cst to hear the answers to questions like these:

I heard recently that much of the power of LinkedIn is in “search.” How does this really work?

What ideas do you have on special social media promos for our book launch – and do you like the idea?

How do I use LinkedIn to help me get a job in a new city?

What do think about current content marketing trends?

Social Media Answers Webinar


Conference Line
Number: 949-202-4265
Audio Pin: 77974#

To join us, you’ll have to register at the site. Full disclosure: this is the first time I’m testing out this technology. The line only holds 50 callers. Get there early so you can listen in.

Weigh In: Is this a good idea? Would you like more social media webinars like this one? What social media topics are you most interested in learning more about?

Image: Gate on the grounds of Versailles from the Paris Fall 2010 collection c 2010 by Barbara Rozgonyi.

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