Video Interview How Dominos Delivers Social Media Pizzaz to Chicago

On Thursday, May 28 Social Media Club Chicago showed up to celebrate crowdSPRING’s first anniversary. For the second month in a row Ramon DeLeon, also known as @dpzramon on, delivered the Domino’s pizza. This time, he also brought his camera guy, Andres De Leon – @needgraphics on Last month Ramon and Andres posted a video apologizing to Amy Korin – @interactiveamy – that now has over 50,000 embeds according to Ramon.

At my recent social media sampler presentation in Naperville, I showed a picture of Ramon and Amy at the April SMC Chicago event. One of Andres’ friends was in the audience. She’d heard the story before and couldn’t believe I was talking about it in a town so far out of Ramon’s delivery zone.

Although I don’t often do video interviews, I had my camera with me and decided to ask Ramon about his social media advice for small business owners. If I sound like I’m excited, I am: SMC Chicago has that effect on you and talking to Ramon, well that’s an energizing experience that can pick you up for days. Here’s my video, taken with my Canon Powershot Si5 and edited with Windows Movie Maker. It’s the first time I’ve ever used this program. After I uploaded this video, I installed Sony Vegas Studio and will test it out next time.



Here’s Andres’ video – much better production value.


How was the pizza? Let’s just say a few former Chicago gourmet pizza snobs admitted to chowing down on not one, not two, but four pieces of Domino’s pizza! The lesson here? Back up your social media with a high-quality product that keeps them coming back for more in real life.

How do you twitter and Facebook to deliver your business?


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