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Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out enough twitter updates to fill a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers  Microjournalism: Breaking News in 140 Words or Less with Laura Fitton @pistachio;  Robert Scoble @scobleizer and Doc Searls @dsearls.

For more background, read how Doc Searls defines the live web.

You’ll find all of my BlogWorld08 twoverage [tweet +coverage] here.

Thanks to those of you who asked me to share these updates.

Reader’s Guide: Each line represents a live update made on @wiredprworks on Reporting is in reverse order; so start at the end and read your way up. Note that this is exactly what I typed during the session, misspellings and all. When you see @name, this means that the person who was talking may be found on Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.

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Microjournalism: Breaking News in 140 Words [Characters?] or Less session notes by Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks on

CCSeed: RT @wiredprworks the net is actually a copy machine-off the record is never off the record #bwe08(cool if people honor the creative commons)

CCSeed: @wiredprworks your tweet stream from #bwe08 rocks!

blogging takes me hours, the microblogging I’m doing is a byproduct of living – @pistachio #bwe08

the net is actually a copy machine – off the record is never off the record #bwe08

everybody has to adopt their own personal style,@pistachio tends to default to off the record & asks permission #bwe08

@scobleizer hung around w/John Edwards 18 hours a day, there’s always a story behind what you’re seeing ? what’s being presented #bwe08

as attention and activity data get aggregated over systems we’ll start seeing authority peaks coming up @pistachio #bwe08

friends in Google reader didn’t exist a year ago, news quality is much higher , building a community of news editors @scobleizer #bwe08

@scobleizer has about 1000 people reporting their Google reader items, 800 items from last night #bwe08

what is the orgasm for journalism? that’s what the industry needs to learn to grow and thrive @pistachio #bwe08

phone is one of the best conversation devices ever made,@scobleizer putting phone # on blog 1 of the best decisions he ever made #bwe08

correct things that are wrong, but don’t work too hard to correct them @pistachio #bwe08

@pistachio, anything negative that people are throwing about you is about them, not about you – wish them peace #bwe08

@coachdeb-the more popular you get, the more it’s [negativity] likely to happen #bwe08

@scobleizer countering negativity, let work speak for itself, engage when people are rational, thicker skin, most people like you #bwe08

@coachdeb asking to how to handle gossip, trolls, nasty people? #bwe08

fundamental paranoia of companies re: twitter/live video slow to change, Not all- @pistachio working with Ford #bwe08

trishussey: Retweet @wiredprworks: fact-checking built into twittter, but what happens when it goes mainstream? #bwe08

@scobleizer wants to add metadata to people in his social network-starting to build his own folders, but can’t share it now #bwe08

fact-checking built into twittter, but what happens when it goes mainstream? #bwe08

@scoblizer showing his friend feed, #bwe08

“journalism” is condition, msm not that objective & not always right, we’re in a good position to reinvent journalism @dsearls #bwe08

@sandiegofire twitter stream adopted by npr in san diego brought joined web=real estate, live web=publishing #bwe08

twittervision shows tweets in real time around the world #bwe08

@scobleizer – opened some new twitter identities to see what it would be like to not have any friends #bwe08

we don’t yet know what people will do once they have these tools @pistachio, #bwe08 we will behave better, will culture change?

@ricksanchezcnn – using twitter on CNN #bwe08

news spreading through participation by others, centralization of news is now gone #bwe08

in micro-blogging session with @pistachio, @scobleizer, @dsearls


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