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social-media-blogworld08 Interested in what happened at BlogWorld? During the sessions, I sent out enough twitter updates to fill a 15 page Word document, which added up to over 300 updates. This post covers Avoiding Disaster: How Not to Use Social Media with Jason Falls, Lee LeFever, Patrick O’Keefe – Patrick O’Keefe,, Bad Boy Blog (Editor/Blogger), (Editor/Blogger) and Darren Rowse – Digital Photography School (Editor), ProBlogger (Editor).

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Thanks to those of you who asked me to share these updates.

Reader’s Guide: Each line represents a live update made on @wiredprworks on Reporting is in reverse order; so start at the end and read your way up. Note that this is exactly what I typed during the session, misspellings and all. When you see @name, this means that the person who was talking may be found on Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.

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How Not to Use Social Media BlogWorld08 Session Notes by Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks on

blog directories about communities @jasonfalls, wordpress lets you ping blog directories #bwe08

much rather write quality content than trolling for submission in blog directories @problogger #bwe08

quality of comments lower on @problogger than early days, rather have 400 readers on topic/target than 40K just flying through #bwe08

think twice about tweeting from a bar in Vegas-even if you think it will be really funny @jasonfalls #bwe08

take out a youtube video & that breaks all blogs w/the video, have to contact all bloggers lesso: be accurate 1st time @leelefever #bwe08

mistakes: past when you’re angry, go for a walk first, don’t damage someone else’s reputation #bwe08

bloggers: need to create a set of rules for pr ppl that want to pitch you: example how to pitch sme on @jasonfalls blog #bwe08

want the rules to be there, ppl should have content and be able to use it #bwe08

linkbait-any content that gets passed around, write a useful resource, creating useful content in ppl’s lives: news, ed, etc. #bwe08

email new commenters, give readers jobs when you’re away, those ppl take a step 2u, u step back to them #bwe08

content is the main part of any community, wordpress makes you pretty good on seo, love your readers to death #bwe08

outreach crosses a line when you take someone else’s space and try to use it @ifroggy #bwe08

our job is to make businesses better, take know-how & pass it on #bwe08

start having conversations and get feedback from ees, make sure ee has a genuine interest – @zappos trains ees on twitter #bwe08

every ee is a connection pt to the brand/powerful mktg tool, have to teach them how to behave.communicate #bwe08

it’s about discerning and setting boundaries, greasing of the wheels that goes along w.being personal @ leelefever #bwe08

theory is: don’t mix personal/business @problogger, twittering about life makes business connections #bwe08

easy to do social marketing – take off mktg/pr and be a human being and have a conversation, be relevant & be trusted @jasonfalls #bwe08

blogs: advertisers don’t want to spend on spammers $ #bwe08

ppl do have this natural inclination to watch corporations for mistakes, tidal wave of bad PR @leelefever #bwe08

over 5,000 marketing messages/day some surveys up to 13,000, social media growing b/c human beings talking to human beings #bwe08

if you have a new product/resource no one will care if your reputation=spammer, ppl don’t want to spend $ on you #bwe08

walmart fake blogs – still has a hard time from coming out from that reputation, hard to shake spammer/nuisance persona #bwe08

be careful about paying ppl for “social media outreach” w/spammy tactics, will end up biting you @ifroggy #bwe08

when you associate w/respectable ppl, you’ll be looked at in the light, stick w/good ppl @ifroggy #bwe08

4 ways to react to negativity: 1 respond privately/2 publicly,3 ignore,4 other people will defend you @problogger #bwe08

when you move to air dirty laundry, everyone gets dirty, best to stay professional @ifroggy #bwe08

spirits case study re: friendly competition, encouraged everyone to visit competition to learn more vs. complete advertising #bwe08

example: canadian club FB app upload pic of dad, found FB club, talked to admin, addressed risk for under 18 shut down site #bwe08

have convos w/legal counsel @jasonfalls, their job is 2 min risk,don’t have 2 have permission 2 link 2 someone, legal there 2 say yes #bwe08

creative commons makes very clear what rules are @leelefever, attribute common craft, communicate rules so they can share #bwe08

think about what is appropriate use of content and how will they share, tell them the rules, find ways, ambiguity is bad, rules good #bwe08

audio, video property rights content wouldn’t be popular if not sharable #bwe08

add value in one place and others will promote you find you, not pushing messages, but pushing value contributions #bwe08

ambassadors will set the tone, really about observing and doing what they do #bwe08

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about learning the culture and looking for key individuals @problogger #bwe08

have to learn the language of the place, find a local to work with @problogger, found the lady plurkers to see how they use #bwe08

@coachdeb talks about tribal mktg, assimilating in the community Jane Goodall, have to know rules lot of differences #bwe08

you need to be honest/transparent @jasonfalls, sig on forums says: I work for co, not here to sell anything, builds cred #bwe08

@problgger, one of the best ways is to tell a story, show people how you come up with an idea #bwe08

Ifroggy – info-tisements, adver-questions, take off mtg/sales hat, be a human you could get thrown out a community #bwe08

@problogger uses sm for: branding, research, traffic, deepening relationships #bwe08

how not to use social media inspired by @emom! #bwe08

Avoiding Social Media Disasters Panel

Darren Rowse, Problogger, @problogger

Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer, @jasonfalls

Patrick O’Keefe, Managing Communities , @ifroggy

Lee LeFever, CommonCraft, @leelefever

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